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Our service span from buy/hold, short-term rentals, and property preservation. Our business model is centered on buying properties with or without cosmetic fixing, then selling or holding for rentals.


Baltimore Enterprises, LLC is a reliable real estate company based in Houston, Texas, that buys and sells properties within the United States with the aim of making houses available for buyers and Investors to give a better appreciation for properties, increase tangible asset value and generate profits. Baltimore Enterprises, LLC is owned and operated by Andrene Baltimore and Marvin Baltimore. They have nine years’ experience in the industry and are thus confident about the success of the business.

Baltimore Real EstateWe are mainly focused on providing quality services, exceptional communication, and a balanced delivery system for our clients. Our business model is centered on buying properties with or without cosmetic fixes, providing the fixes and necessary upgrades and construction, and selling the houses at affordable prices or putting it up for rent.

Our services span buying and holding, corporate houses/short-term rentals, and property preservation services. Our goal is to carry everyone along and foster inclusivity. Whether you are an investor, property owner, tenant, or buyer, we value your business and will provide you with the individual attention and service you deserve. Our vast property selections offer single units, apartments, town homes, lands, as well as investment tailored opportunities.


Our mission is to understand the need of our clients and find the solution. We want to improve urban development while providing affordable homes and a second chance to those who have had hard times with their homes. We will thrive on affordability and lovely neighborhoods.


Our vision is to bring others along with us and become one of the most reliable companies that will effectively provide good homes for sale and rent in the United States. We envisioned providing a happy home everyone dreams of.


First, we you will receive a questionnaire to complete and return, before 30 minutes phone call. In this call, we will discuss your goal and expectations. If you decide to sign-up and work together, your 30 minutes consultation fee of, $45.00 is waived.


Are you an investor looking to grow your portfolio or a potential homeowner looking for seller financing option? We can help, contact us for our latest off market deals.


Every day we are helping individuals like you to sell your property. Our company purchases residential or commercial properties in any condition and can close fast (providing that title as no underlining issues).

Lead Generation

Offering unlimited on/off-market leads across the USA to real estate investors at fair market prices. Allow 24-48 hours to skip trace and return your leads. 

Property Financing

Dreamed of being a homeowner; however, no credit or bad credit as stopped you. Although no credit is needed, specific criteria are required to meet the home buying program.  

Property Preservation

Property preservation also refers to property cleanout, which is the process of maintaining property integrity.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing, or short-term housing, provides furnished apartments for business assignments, relocations, emergencies, even vacations. Guest accommodations from three nights stay and longer.


Most frequent questions and answers

For your primary residence. A conventional financing typical expects a down payment around 20% of the home’s purchase price, but with an investment property, the lender may require 30% of funds as a down payment.

A fix & lip loan is a short-term loan which allows the borrower to complete renovations so the home can be put back on the market as quickly as possible. Investors typically use hard money lenders for their Fix & flip projects, meaning the loan is secured by the property itself. If the property is completed and waiting for a buyer, some investors may apply for a loan from a traditional bank and pay off the hard money loan. Hard money is meant to be for short time lending, and the interest rate tends to me much higher than a traditional lender. Other ways

Benefit of hard money vs conventional mortgage. With hard money, the loan is based on the estimated after-repair value (ARV). Even knowing that the rates are higher, and the terms are shorter; borrowers are still interested in taking the chance. Also, the origination fees and closing costs may also be higher. While conventional mortgage, you are waiting weeks or months for closing.

We have walked the Walk that many Americans as faced, foreclosure, and overcoming it. We give hope and inspiration to those needing a hand to hold and guide them through.

Baltimore Enterprises, LLC, does not offer legal advice or endorse any products (only makes referrals/recommendations), investments, or companies that provide such information and finances. The property featured is currently under contract with the recorded owner, giving Baltimore Enterprises, LLC, an equitable interest in the property. Please note, Baltimore Enterprises, LLC is not selling the property nor acting as an agent of the seller. Property are listed with us for MARKETING purposes only. All parties are strongly encouraged to perform their due diligence and consult with the appropriate professional(s) licensed in that area before entering into any type of investment. Performing due diligence helps protect against fraud.

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