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Lease options in Houston Texas


Are you an investor looking to grow your portfolio or a potential homeowner looking for seller financing option? We can help, contact us for our latest off market deals.


Every day we are helping individuals like you to sell your property. Our company purchases residential or commercial properties in any condition and can close fast, (providing that title as no underlining issues). We work with buyers all over from first time buyers to established REI looking to build and grow a portfolio. Complete the contact form and someone on our team will contact you.

Lead Generation

Offering unlimited on/off-market leads across the USA to real estate investors at fair market prices. Allow 24-48 hours to skip trace and return your leads. We will need your target zip codes, property type (single-family, multi-family under six, or 6+ units), and the number of leads needed. Prices per leads: up to 45 = .30, 46-1000=.25 and 1000 to 5000=.20

Property Financing

Home Buying Financing

No Credit Needed

Dreamed of being a homeowner; however, no credit or bad credit as stopped you. Although no credit is needed, specific criteria are required to meet the home buying program.  

We ask for the following items:

  • Last two years of employment and tax returns
  • Most recent two years of W2 or 1099’s
  • 30 days of payroll checks
  • Last three months of bank statements
  • Last year of rental history (lease agreement, bank statement, or receipts)
  • Utility bills (gas, light, or water)

Development and Growth:

  • Complete a credit improvement class
  • Complete a Homebuyer Education course

After completing the qualification process, we will calculate your monthly mortgage payments, including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance.  

No Closing Costs in Texas

Under the housing buying program, there are no closing costs. We are required to collect the following at closing:

  • Two months of taxes
  • One-year prepaid insurance
  • Prorated interest
  • $99 to record the deed in the buyer(s) name

Your now on your way to becoming a homeowner!

Property Preservation

Banks get back properties that need cleaning out to preserve the integrity of the property. Example: Debris Removal, Exterior Landscaping, Evictions, Lock Changes, Minor Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Boarding the Property, and more). We are available to accept bids property preservation, please complete the contact form and a team member will be in touch.

Corporate Housing

Corporate housing, or short-term housing, provides furnished apartments for business assignments, relocations, emergencies, even vacations. Guest accommodations from three nights stay and longer.

What Sets Us Apart

We have walked the Walk that many Americans have faced, foreclosure, and overcoming it.

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